We have been working on Docker doing some activities in class for some time now so I decided to look for more resources on that talks more about Docker. I finally settled on this blog that gives tutorials on Docker. I chose this blog because it talks about some topics and defines some terms relevant to know when working with Docker. Links to some concepts and to some Docker commands are provided to explore the concept further.

In this blog, Docker has been defined with some examples, and reason for its popularity. It also talks about the difference between virtualization and containerization. Advantages and disadvantages of each of these concepts have been provided. A youtube tutorial is also provided to explain the concept further. It also talks about the benefits of using Docker and explains some other concepts such as Dockerfile, Image, Container, DockerHub, Architecture and Docker Compose. Some diagrams have been provided to help visualize some of the concepts being talk about. As I was reading through, I came across a link to a page that talks about Docker and Containers, explaining with examples and I found that very helpful.

I learned in this blog that Docker is a containerization platform that packages application and all of its dependencies together in the form of a docker container to ensure that application works well in all environment. A docker container is a standardized unit that can be created on the fly to deploy a particular application or environment. Docker have functionalities that are useful to both developers and system administrators.

Virtual machines and docker container are similar in the sense that they both allow running of multiple operating system inside a host machine.  However, Docker unlike Virtual Machine, allocates exactly the amount of memory required by a container which helps to create additional containers from any leftovers of allocated memory which by so doing, increase productivity. Docker saves a lot of time to start since the container runs on host operating system unlike Virtual Machine which runs on guest operating system, so it takes a lot of time to boot up.  Docker containers are also lightweight and faster because containers created are run from the host operating system.

In addition, I learned that multiple containers in docker can be run as a single server by using Docker compose. Also, Docker engine is an application installed in the host system that uses a server, a command line interface and a REST API. Images are built and containers are run by passing commands from the command line interface and the server. Docker images are also the building blocks of a Docker container and these images are stored in Docker Registry.

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