Following the Docker activities in class, I found docker-compose quite confusing. I decided to use that as an opportunity to look for some other resources that explains the concept briefly but detailed so I can understand the term well. I finally settled on this blog that gives a tutorial on docker-compose. I like the factContinue reading “DOCKER-COMPOSE”


As I was preparing for my exams, I came across the term/topic technical debt as one of the topics under the review topics and this term was seen in one of the class activities. I decided to research on the topic, write a blog post to broaden my understanding for the exams. I came acrossContinue reading “TECHNICAL DEBT”


We have been working on Docker doing some activities in class for some time now so I decided to look for more resources on that talks more about Docker. I finally settled on this blog that gives tutorials on Docker. I chose this blog because it talks about some topics and defines some terms relevantContinue reading “DOCKER”


As I was reading some articles, websites for my previous assignments, I came across the term refactoring a lot. However, that was not the only time seeing that as it is part of the course syllabus. I decided to learn more about refactoring and write something on it for my weekly blog post. After goingContinue reading “REFACTORING”


After the class activity on smells, I was interested in knowing more about it and how it relates to programming. The term was quite interesting, so I chose this topic because I wanted to know more. After several searches, I finally settled on this blog that talks about code smells and makes it easy toContinue reading “CODE SMELLS”


As a student learning new things every day, I chose this topic because I was curious as to what it really entails in computer science as it is one of the topics that directly relates to the course. However, little did I know that it was an abbreviation for 5 important design principles employed inContinue reading “S.O.L.I.D”


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